Air Max Dawn 2021 - Dual Gender
AM Dawn 2021 GIF
Air Max Dawn 2021 - Womens
Air Max Dawn 2021 - Dual Gender 2
Air Max Dawn 2021 - Mens
Air Max PreDay - 2UP - Womens
Air Max PreDay 2021 - 2UP - Dual Gender
Air Max PreDay 2021 - Mens
Air Max Pre Day 2021 - 2UP - Mens
Air Max PreDay 2021 - Hero -  Womens

Nike Air Max

  • Photography: Aidan Zamiri
  • Editor: Ross Constable
  • Art Direction: Claire Pedersen & Riley Hoke
  • Creative Direction: Claire Kang & Derrick Lee
  • Post-Production Design: Clayborne Bujorian
  • Retouching: Touch Digital
  • Production: Rosco London
  • Music: Year0001
  • Year: 2021

The 2021 Holiday Air Max campaign is a true homage to the emerging generation of sneakerheads. Our visually stunning concept perfectly captures the boundless energy and self-expression of this new wave. We have utilized a double exposure technique in our imagery that captures the essence of life in motion, revealing new elements and textures of the city with every step. Through our 'In Your Face' angles, we showcase the intricate design details of our Air products, infusing them with a vibrant and youthful spirit that is irresistible.