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Nike Bras

  • Photography: Emily Lipson & OK McCausland
  • DP: Jackie Bao & Bob Hoste
  • Stylist: Danasia Sutton
  • Music: Raphaël Ajuelos & Kevin P Keenan
  • Motion Editing: Anthony Miralles / Slips Studios & Joseph Perry
  • Hair & Makeup: Rachel Lee Wright & Sophie Haig
  • Creative Director: Tricia Chamberlain
  • Art Directors: Emily Lemmer, Claire Pedersen & Miyu Shirotsuka
  • Narrative / Writing: Brittnee Gregory & Topacio Beerhalter
  • Design: Jennifer Hook & Genevieve Poblano
  • Year: 2023

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size? In 2023, we undertook the task of revitalizing Nike's line of sports bras. Our campaign was meticulously crafted to guide women in discovering the perfect bra tailored to their needs and preferences. The tagline we developed, "Engineered to Feel More You," embodies Nike's commitment to providing innovative solutions, empowering individuals to achieve their personal best. As part of our campaign's evolution, we eliminated the term “sports” from the product name, rebranding as simply 'Nike Bras.' Our objective was to motivate women to determine their correct bra size and recognize that Nike's collection offers unparalleled support, whether they're participating in sports or everyday activities. Our product line is meticulously engineered for every activity she might choose. We showcased the collection through a blend of on-location and in-studio photography, capturing the essence and versatility of each product.