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Nike Bras & Leggings

  • Hero Photography: Vitali Gelwich
  • Organic Capture: Maya Spangler
  • Hero DP: James Beattie & Andy Iere Kim
  • Hair: Amidat Giwa & Anna Im
  • Styling: Hanna Kelifa
  • Makeup: Rebecca Wordingham & Suyeon Park
  • Set Design: Phoebe Shakespeare & Woojung
  • Motion Editing: Mah Ferraz & Joseph Perry
  • Music: Raphaël Ajuelos
  • Creative Direction: Tricia Chamberlain
  • Art Direction: Allison Kerst & Claire Pedersen
  • Design: Lulubi Garcia
  • Narrative Direction: Amie Champagne
  • Narrative / Writing: Olivia Khoury, Matt Jonathan & Sabrina Hunt
  • Year: 2024

This season's bras and leggings campaign is a celebration of the experience and sensation that comes with every touch. With the introduction of the Zenvy Collection, we emphasize the softness and enduring comfort of our products, inviting wearers to discover moments of connection—be it feeling the fabric against their skin or embracing the power within through movement. Through a blend of still and dynamic diptychs, we encapsulate the duality of stillness and wildness, the rhythm of inhales and exhales, and the transformative journey of sweat and release. It's more than just apparel; it's about finding that perfect fit, connecting deeply with one's movements, and embracing the journey. Highlighting the strength of a global collective, the campaign underscores the power of our statement product—crafted for her, by Nike.