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Nike Leggings

  • Photography: Zora Sicher & OK McCausland
  • Cinematographer & Editor: Chaio Chen
  • Stylist: Solange Franklin
  • Hair: Latisha Chong
  • Makeup: Zenia Jaeger
  • Set Designer: Nat Hoffman
  • Design: Mouthwash
  • Creative Direction: Tricia Chamberlain
  • Art Direction: Claire Pedersen, Diana Albrecht & Miyu Shirotusuka
  • Narrative & Strategy: Gaby Tama
  • Writing: Topaccio Beerhalter
  • Production: Lola
  • Year: 2023

Nike revamped their premium leggings line in 2023 by addressing common issues such as pilling, loose threads, and inadequate pockets. We developed a campaign with the tagline "A Feel For Every You" to showcase the comfort, self-expression, and choice these leggings offer for every aspect of an athlete's life. Our creative approach was to build a "leggingsverse" consisting of three visually distinct worlds based on the sensations of each legging. As soon as the consumer puts on the leggings, they are transported to this world, allowing them to tap into their athlete mindset and experience a zoned-in feeling. The consumer can explore the unique sensations and support each legging offers. Our aim was to inspire the consumer to embrace their own energy, discover new possibilities, and be unapologetic in their pursuit of movement.